Promoting the safety and well being

of our furry friends!


" We highly recommend taking the Walks 'n' Wags Pet First Aid class instructed by Jeni. We have two very active dogs that regularly find trouble, so taking this course helps our peace of mind knowing that if our dogs (or dogs we encounter in the community) become sick or injured, we will have the skills and knowledge to know what to do to. The course is an intensive, long day but it went by rather quickly. Jeni was very knowledgeable and presented the information in very easy to absorb manner and used personal and pertinent examples." – Michelle & Bruno

"Hi Jen: I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thanks for teaching us the STOP command , it just may have saved Diego's life yesterday!!!!!

We had a big ole crow that was laden down with a huge chunk of something or other flying around in our yard yesterday and the dogs went flying down the driveway trying to catch it. I screamed "stop" to Diego just as he hit the end of the driveway and a car zoomed past!!!! He stopped instantly and came running back to me. Thank you! Best command ever!!" – Erin

"I can't believe the change in my dogs after only one session with Jen. Our walks are now pleasant and calm with only occasional need for correction.

She gave me the tools and confidence I needed to help my fearful rescue dog learn to trust me, and we are now easing her into social situations that we never thought would be possible.

I can't wait for our next "pack walk" !" – Erin

"Through assessment of our family and our family’s needs, Jen was able to help us to decide what kind of dog would be the best fit for us. She took into consideration our family structure (two young children and kitties) our activity level and our lifestyle.

Jeni is very calm and supportive instructor. She uses simple language and clear techniques to demonstrate the principles she follows. She has a command with animals that allowed me to feel safe, even in difficult situations. I knew that if I was stuggling and needed some questions answered, that Jen was there to help me.

Jen provides personal, supporting and thorough support. I never felt like a “bad dog owner”, but rather a student, who needed to learn new techniques to connect with my dog in new ways." - Mercedes

About Jeni Restall

The pets in my life have brought me such joy and taught me so much that I am passionate about the health and well being of each and every one of them. I know that there are many others that feel the same way that I do. The goal of Friends Fur Real Pet Services, is to provide services that help promote the safety and well being of the furry friends in our lives. + Read more